Geospatial Flood Mapping and Analysis Tool Floods are the leading cause of death due to natural disaster


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Area Level Scanning of Jackson City (USA)

HECRAS simulation of the 1979 flood extend in the coliseum Area (Yerramilli, 2012) compared to this flood map generated by this Geospatial Flood risk analysis tool.

Area Level Scanning of possible Flood prone areas affected by Monsoon rains, River / Dam overflow, etc.

The analysis of Badrinath Temple, Uttarakhand which is 3109 m above the sea level proves that this tool can be used to find the flood risk even in mountains. The blue area shown in the map is likely to be flooded. The place was heavily flooded and 5,000 were killed and 19,000 were stranded during the 2013 North India Floods (
Property Level Scanning of Coliseum Area, Jackson City (USA).

Floods as depicted by American Journal of Geographic Information System 2012 compared to the flood map generated by the Geospatial Flood risk analysis tool.

For Real Estate & Purchasing Housing Sites, Flood Insurance, etc..

People who are planning to buy a property or construct a house, can scan their site to see if the area is flood-prone or not.

This app can accurately analyze whether the person is living in a flood prone area. If so, he can acquire a flood insurance for his property.